What are you waiting for....


We all have aspirations—those little voices in the back of our head that tell us there is MORE we want to do, MORE we want to become.

I’ve been there.

I’ve ignored that voice at times in my life and at other times I took the leap of faith and set off on a new path.  

I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” coaching program.

We all have different ways we relate to the world, different styles of learning, different ways of making new habits...being our most productive.

All the work that I do with clients, whether one on one or in my group coaching sessions always starts out with spending time to get to know the real YOU ---you know the YOU that sometimes gets lost with all the things YOU need to get done, and all the people YOU feel responsible for...

We look at your strengths, what you value most, how you form habits, and when you feel most productive and in your “flow” — THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU TICK.

From there you can begin to see more clearly what the MORE is you want from your life, and what you truly ASPIRE TO BECOME and together we make a plan.

Together we help you to get CLARITY--get FOCUS--get MOTIVATED--and finally get INSPIRED to take action because you have a plan and know exactly what you                                                                                     need to do. 



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Do you have a goal or goals that you just can't seem to take action to achieve? Maybe, like so many other people, you just need some accountability to keep you focused & on track. 

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Jump start your Success Journey with 90 days of one on one coaching with an agenda customized to your specific needs.


When I started working with Jean the weight of my uncertainty caused me to avoid setting goals. I craved growth and fulfillment but struggled with even motivating myself to achieve it. With Jean’s help I was able to uncover the fears and move through those limiting beliefs that had previously made goal setting feel...HEAVY. Now I have clarity and am actually EXCITED to set new goals. My time with Jean means that I don’t have to make the journey alone. I’m incredibly grateful for all her wise guidance and support.
— Lori Anderson, SEATTLE WA
Jean is an outstanding success coach. Our lunch time conference calls were invaluable. Thank you Jean for leading and partnering with me to help target my personal goals and desires.
— Jennifer Bennett, Vancouver WA
Before I started coaching with Jean I had great aspirations, but the execution was often left in the dust. With Jean in my corner I was able to REALISTICALLY identify the crucial next steps and begin to work a plan toward accomplishing my goal. If I had to measure the results I’d say I gained...INCOME...and TIME…and did I mention INCOME!? Jean helped me to identify the value I was bringing to clients and thereby charge according to value, not time. In my first client I retained after coaching with Jean, I was able to 5x my income! I’d recommend coaching with Jean to people who want to get out of their heads and actually start working their plan and seeing progress.
— Beverly Bartsch, Nashville TN (BeverlyBartsch.com)